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   Thrive! abstract sculpture by GChris is mission-driven.  Thrive! sculpture supports our creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change and building and achieving a thriving and surviving future for all forever.  #ThrivingFuture  Thrive! Website - ThrivingFuture.org  Thrive! Blog ThriveBlog.org

    Thrive! sculptures are to be interacted with and "gently touched".  Some are copper or wood or both.  Sizes range from a foot to dozen feet or larger.  Some make sounds when moved by wind or people; some remain silent.  Some move physically; some move conceptually.  All generate shadows, a second image.

   The GChris Sculpture primary working studio/gallery, formerly in Washington, DC area, is now in Nelson, WI in an 1885 farmhouse and barn on 30 acre bluffside overlooking the Mississippi River.

   Donations of Sculpture. Thrive! sculptures by GChris are no longer for sale. Sculptures are being donated to worthy nonprofit organizations and government agencies who share values expressed in Thrive! public policy and sculptures. If your organization in interested in a sculpture and shares these values, please feel free to inquire by email or phone. Chris

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Copper (mostly)
fragility of the monolithic
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Gallery One [A - C]

Gallery Two [D - L]

Gallery Three [M - S]

one becoming whole
upward reach from vulnerability

Gallery Four [T - Z]

end the darkness, here comes the sun
Mixed (& other)
save the world, complex
Studio/ Gallery
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GChris Studio/Gallery
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     Thrive! [Building a Thriving Future]  Our communities and world are broken and their futures are endangered.  Fortunately, we have next generation ability to build a thriving and surviving future.  Thrive! is a call to action an strives to energize and empower a vast endeavor of people together building and sustaining a thriving future. 

   viaFuture is a strategy to create and sustain large, positive change. It combines strong leadership and multi-generational involvement with next generation policy, program, information and management.



    HealthePeople  [Building A Healthy And Thriving Future] is the vision of better health for all.  Succeeding with HealthePeople across all healthcare will positively transform health care and achieve healthier people and a healthy America and move toward a truly healthy, thriving America and world.

    Vulnerable [Vulnerable In America and The World]  We are all vulnerable to a greater or less extent. We need to minimize vulnerability and stop forces that push us down to more vulnerability and support forces that lift us out of vulnerability.  Vulnberable is a strategy to minimize vulnerability and move toward the vision of a thriving America and world.

GChris Sculpture Logo  Thrive! Sculpture by GChris                         #ThrivingFuture #Thrive #Thrive!