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Gallery - Mobiles
Gallery - Stabiles
Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
Gallery - Wood
Gallery - Mixed/Other


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 New>T!rrific the balanced pursuit of absolute truth the decider New>The Forever Solution New>the natural force to thrive the ones join to support being the parts of being in concert the phenomenology of becoming the power of why the soft embrace of being the synergistic joining of beings New>The Thrive! Endeavor  thrive Thrive! for all forever thrive together thriving New>thriving abstraction New>thriving cross time New>thriving dance thriving forever thriving through inner strength  thriving through chaos thriving through life's chaos New>thriving transpires New>thriving with abstraction to emanate from chaos to fail is to die together we thrive touching the trinity tree of life tsunami spirit tsunami transcended unifying theory uplifting future upward reach from vulnerability via path from vulnerability vision of a less vulnerable world vulnerable ascension vulnerable in america war's value we shall save the world when beings intersect on balance

New>whimsical child's play whimsical one New>whimsically thriving wholeness of being why not pressure why (vulnerable) with heart world saved or unsaved world without war, amen


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